Military Parole-in-Place & Advance Parole

Military Parole-in-Place & Advance Parole

Military Parole-in-Place & Advance Parole

Military Parole-In-Place has benefits for spouses, children and parents of active-duty military personnel or veterans. PIP not only protects family members from deportation but can help members obtain work authorization or authorized stay in the U.S.

If you are applying for a visa or are in the process of adjusting your status and you need to travel abroad, you must be approved for advance parole first. This will allow you to return to the U.S. An immigration attorney can help you understand the benefits of PIP or help you apply for advance parole.

Advance Parole

If you are a non-citizen and need to leave the U.S. and reenter, you can seek advance parole documents from USCIS. People who might qualify for advance parole include:

  • Applicants waiting for adjustment of status
  • Temporary Protected Status recipients
  • DACA recipients

If you need to temporarily leave the U.S. and would like to return, you should discuss possible advance parole with an immigration attorney.

Military Parole-in-Place

Parole-in-place (PIP) is immigration relief available to certain family members of active or veteran United States military members. PIP gives families the authorization to live and work in the U.S. and it keeps the families together. In addition, it possibly opens the door for a green card for immediate family members who have parole-in-place protections. Our firm can review your situation and help you obtain PIP relief if you are eligible.

Seek Help from a North Carolina Military Parole-In-Place Attorney

Whether you are applying for PIP or advance parole, you should seek the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

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