I-9 Audit and Training

I-9 Audit and Training

Recent workplace raids and unannounced DHS I-9 audits have risen over the years. Attorney Carla Vestal has worked with companies of various sizes to make sure they are ready, should this happen to their businesses. Attorney Vestal has saved companies thousands of dollars in fines, preserved the companies’ goodwill, and protected the businesses' valuable employees.

From conducting an initial I-9 audit to conducting human resource training seminars with core executives and support teams — and developing a comprehensive action plan — Vestal Immigration Law leaves no stone unturned when protecting business interests and employees.

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Attorney Carla Vestal has called western North Carolina home for decades. Originally from West Virginia, Carla knows first hand how families often struggle to live a life of security. A third generation immigrant herself, she grew up in a working class family where she learn… Read More

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