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Becoming a United States Citizen is the dream of people from around the world. There are many different ways to become a citizen of the United States. Many people do this through family or employment. However, our goal at Vestal Immigration Law is to… Read More

Removal Defense

One of the worst fears any immigrant can face is being separated from their family. At Vestal Immigration Law, we are compassionate and understanding about the stressful and emotional situations our clients are in when going to court. Attorney Carla… Read More

Family Immigration

Protecting family unity is a top priority at Vestal Immigration Law. Over the years, Vestal Immigration is honored to have helped hundreds of family members from around the world to stay together or be reunited here in the United States. Family immig… Read More

Professionals, Students, Non-Immigrant Visas

Vestal Immigration Law has been honored to work with professionals, students, and other individuals needing a non-immigrant visa from around the world. From visitors who needed to extend their stay or change their status, world class athletes, profes… Read More

Extension of Status / Change of Status

Once a person enters the United States with a non-immigration visa, that person must follow the guidelines for the type of visa he or she may have; however, sometimes situations change which would otherwise force someone to violate their visa status.… Read More

Extraordinary Ability

A foreign national who can demonstrate he or she has risen to the top of their field may qualify as a person with an “extraordinary ability.” This type of visa is reserved for individuals in the “sciences, arts, education, business, or athletic… Read More

I-9 Audit & Training

Recent workplace raids and unannounced DHS I-9 audits have risen over the years. Attorney Carla Vestal has worked with companies of various sizes to make sure they are ready, should this happen to their businesses. Attorney Vestal has saved companies… Read More

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Attorney Carla Vestal has called western North Carolina home for decades. Originally from West Virginia, Carla knows first hand how families often struggle to live a life of security. A third generation immigrant herself, she grew up in a working class family where she learn… Read More

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