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Carla Vestal is a fully licensed and accredited attorney who has practiced only immigration and nationality law for her entire legal career. She is passionate about serving clients from all over the world and providing exceptional legal assistance in I-9 compliance, student and professional visas, legal permanent residency, U.S. citizenships, and more.

Carla Vestal

Carla Vestal


Attorney Carla Vestal has called western North Carolina home for decades. Originally from West Virginia, Carla knows firsthand how families often struggle to live a life of security. A third-generation immigrant herself, she grew up in a working-class family where she learned the value of hard work, overcoming adversity, and never giving up.

Yocelyn Almanza-Figueroa

Yocelyn Almanza-Figueroa

Legal Assistant

Yocelyn Almanza Figueroa is a first-generation immigrant, who has called Hickory, North Carolina, home her entire life. The daughter of Mexican parents and oldest of three, Yocelyn understands the value of family, education, and hard work.

Vestal Immigration Law offers legal insight and services to individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes seeking guidance with federal immigration matters.

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