Mooresville Naturalization Attorneys

Mooresville Naturalization Attorneys

Mooresville Naturalization Attorneys

When you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) of the United States or a green card holder, and you want to become a naturalized United States citizen, you will want to seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer for assistance in guiding you through the entire process. Vestal Immigration Law has a team of Mooresville naturalization attorneys who provide legal insight and services to various people, families, and businesses of various sizes for help in federal immigration matters.

While an application for United States citizenship can seem like a straightforward process, there can be a number of complications that may arise and cause unforeseen difficulty. For this reason, it is always recommended that you retain legal counsel.

Naturalization Process

Citizenship will be available to immigrants in the following circumstances:

  • A person has a valid green card or LPR status and has lived in the United States for five years
  • A person is married to a United States citizen and has lived in the United States for three years.
  • A person is an LPR, has served in the United States military, and has lived in the United States for three years.
  • A person is married to a United States citizen who is being transferred out of the United States by a government agency, armed forces, or multinational company.

After submitting your application, you would have to submit to biometric data collection. When you must supply this information, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will schedule an appointment and inform you of the time, location, and date.

Naturalization will involve an interview with a USCIS immigration officer. You need to know the best way to answer the questions you will be getting about why you are seeking United States citizenship.

You can also expect a United States government and history test, and it will be in your best interest to take practice tests. There are certain websites and additional resources that can help you achieve a passing grade on this portion of the citizenship test.

Problems with naturalization often involve criminal backgrounds or residency or visa issues that may lead to the rejection of a citizenship application. Some of the most common issues involve:

  • Outstanding warrants, criminal charges, or convictions
  • Errors or inconsistencies in a Form N-400, Application for Naturalization
  • Inconsistencies in prior immigration applications
  • Failure to fulfill any requirements of citizenship¬†
  • Any incomplete citizenship documents
  • Fraud or mistakes in the green card process

United States citizenship is a status that will provide you with multiple benefits, rights, and duties. Some of the benefits include the ability to vote, priority to petition to bring family members to the United States, ability to obtain and travel with a United States passport, the ability to become an elected official, the ability to obtain citizenship for children born abroad, eligibility for federal jobs, and the ability to travel abroad without limitations concerning the amount of time you can be outside of the United States. 

Such benefits come with certain responsibilities, such as serving the United States when required, supporting and defending the United States Constitution and laws, and swearing allegiance to the United States.

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