Lincolnton Immigration Lawyers

Lincolnton Immigration Lawyers

Lincolnton Immigration Lawyers

Dealing with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be a frustrating experience – and often a daunting one because of the agency’s myriad of complex and confusing rules. This is true even for simple or straightforward cases, which can quickly become more problematic than anticipated. 

However, at Vestal Immigration Law, we have dedicated and experienced immigration lawyers who assist businesses and families in Lincolnton to successfully navigate this complex immigration system to get the benefit or solution they seek.

We handle a variety of immigration matters, including professional and nonimmigrant visas, naturalization, I-9 audits, humanitarian relief, or removal and deportation defense. We know and keep up to date with immigration law and its nuances. You can therefore count on us to successfully handle your case in a manner that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

What a Lincolnton Immigration Lawyer Can Do for You

As noted above, the U.S. immigration process is complex, and for this reason, nearly everyone who goes through the process finds themselves stressed by obstacles and unnecessary delays they face along the process. Delay in processing is already a built-in issue with the system because of the large number of cases USCIS handles, regularly creating a substantial backlog. 

Avoiding Unnecessary Delays in Processing

There is nothing anyone can do with the inevitable delays in normal processing, but there is a lot one can do to make that delay even worse.

For example, two applications filed with USCIS with identical information in terms of qualifications and eligibility can result in one being approved immediately. The other one is either denied or put in a pile of other applications requiring additional or missing information, and it can take weeks and even months before the application is examined and approved or denied, depending on whether the requirements are met or not.

The difference in the outcome of the two cases can simply be how the two cases were prepared, packaged, and presented to the USCIS. For the one quickly approved, it is likely the application was prepared and filed with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer who helped the petitioner or applicant to file their paperwork. An experienced immigration lawyer will only file completely and accurately completed paperwork in a neat package in which the immigration officer reviewing the file easily finds all the information needed to approve the petition or application.

In the second situation, where the application fell into a pile of cases needing more information, the petitioner or applicant must have submitted an incomplete petition or application, or the paperwork submitted had errors or was missing the required supporting information. 

That will not be the case when you have one of our experienced Vestal Immigration Law attorneys handling your matter. We know exactly what needs to be done and how it should be done in every situation or scenario involving an immigration matter.

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