Carla is an amazing person and attorney. She loves helping others. She treats her clients like family. Highly recommend Carla.



It was a joy working with Vestal Immigration, to obtain my green card. Carla is professional, dedicated and walks this process which can be scary every step of the way with you. She and her staff were always willing to assist with any questions I had and responded immediately. It was such a great comfort on the day of my interview with immigration to have her by my side. I have never experienced the type of service, and dedication that is given to each client like I had with Vestal Immigration. A huge thank you to Carla and the team that become more than just our lawyer too, me and my husband.



Carla is professional, knowledgeable, and above all she’s passionate about what she does. If you’re looking for an incredible immigration attorney, your search should end here.



Carla is very good to work with. She is very thorough and gives you updates every step of the way. Carla really cares about her clients. Working with Carla is more like dealing with a good friend and not a lawyer. She goes above and beyond to help get your issues resolved. Thank you Carla!



Passionate, Caring and Fearless, will fight for your family as if her own. Words cannot describe the quality of her work. It felt like a long drawn out process, few bumps along the way but looking back it was flawless! I am forever grateful to her for believing in me and ensuring my family and I were safe. An absolute recommend, infinite stars!



This law firm is by far the best I’ve been to. It’s evident that attorney Carla is in for the well-being of her clients, not for her own benefit. She makes you feel comfortable and her explanations are clear and concise. To top it off, the staff are very helpful and polite. Highly recommend!



Vestal Immigration went above and beyond to help with my citizenship process and thanks to Carla I achieved that. I highly recommend Vestal Immigration 100%.



One of the best law firms in the area. Carla and Yoselyn are both attentive to every detail in your case. They both helped my citizenship process go extremely smooth. I recommend them 1000%.



HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Carla is a phenomenal lawyer!! She’s there with you every step of the way, she relieves any fear or concerns that you may have, she truly goes above and beyond for her clients and is very dedicated in their cases!! Thank you Carla and your wonderful staff for all that you’ve done!



They are great to deal with and helped so much with getting my citizenship.


Vestal Immigration Law is the best out there. She takes her time, answers all questions, is reasonable, is very professional at what she does, she will fight for your rights! RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE WHO IS IN NEED!!


Carla is a knowledgeable attorney with compassion for sensitive issues. Very good qualities. She is highly recommended.


Carla’s unique approach to the law and true spirit of advocacy are the hallmarks of her work as a highly skilled immigration attorney. She handles the most difficult and fragile legal issues with a fierce determination to meet her clients’ needs. She is one of the best immigration attorneys to be at the forefront of a delicate issue in our nation and is certain to become a pioneer of much-needed change in this area of the law.


Attorney Carla Vestal is a beacon of hope to families at a time when options appear limited, and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seems difficult or next to impossible. Not only is she able to defend families from the risk of deportation, her calm and empathetic demeanor offer emotional support to family and their precious children. I recommend Carla for all immigration law cases without reservation.


My wife just received her permanent residence status!!! Carla was more than great throughout the long and at times stressful process. Besides having every bit of paperwork 100% accurate and ready she always let us know what to expect. Carla was also a friendly reassuring voice when we were having a stressful moment. Thank you again for everything!!!!


Great Service. Best Immigration Lawyer in town.


Wonderful attorney, great team, and great service!


Carla is an excellent immigration attorney and truly cares about her clients.


Awesome lawyer. I would highly recommend her!


Carla is caring, passionate about her work, and knows her stuff! I would highly recommend working with her firm.


She is the kindest and most helpful lawyer I’ve ever encountered! She works so hard for her clients and will help you no matter what!


She is very professional and responsible, always has the best attitude and the best energy. Proudly she’s my lawyer


Carla Vestal is such a great lawyer! She is so kind and will do anything to help her clients! Great lawyer!


Incredibly grateful to Carla at Vestal Immigration Law for preparing my fingerprints for the FBI documents required by the student visa application! She is likely the reason I will receive my visa in time, effectively saving my academic year.


Carla is a very passionate and committed attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and dedicated to her clients. I would highly recommend Carla Vestal for all of your immigration needs.


My husband and I have been clients of Carla’s for about 2 years. She is a stellar attorney who ensures that all of her bases are covered so that there are no surprises. Carla also is kind and caring and helps to reassure clients in an honest and informative manner of what to expect at every step of the process.


Carla Vestal and the rest of her team work very hard for their clients. They are not afraid to take tough cases and never give up. I highly recommend this firm.


Vestal Immigration Law is here to help in your immigration needs. Carla is very passionate of her work and loves to help individuals and families. Carla and her team serve their clients with compassion and highly recommend!


Ms. Vestal is very knowledgeable about the field of immigration law and passionate about her clients and their problems. She brings a gentle reassuring touch to the practice and makes her clients feel like they’re in good hands (which they are!) I highly recommend her.


Carla Vestal is a spectacular attorney! She kept me up to date with my case. She never failed to ease my worries. I would highly recommend anyone to her, since she is in fact the best immigration attorney in the area.


Carla Vestal is a phenomenal attorney who is passionate about her clients. She stands in her client’s shoes and fights for them – no matter how small or big it may be. Carla values her client’s time and their money. Carla doesn’t settle when someone says “no;” rather, she fights harder.


Whenever I call, Carla always calls me back as soon as possible. She is very professional and helpful. Thanks for everything.


Great experience with Carla over the years! Best lawyer around!


Carla is hands down, an amazing attorney, but there’s a bonus, she’s also a stellar human!! Anything to do with the Government is tricky, the immigration process is no exception. She was extremely communicative, and would always explain the processes in lay-terms. I never felt like I hired a “lawyer”, I felt like I had a really smart friend by my side, the whole time!! Additionally, she knocked it out of the park with our case and in a Pandemic y’all… We even got money back!! As far as we’re concerned, Carla is a part of our family now and I’m thrilled about that!


Carla is a fellow attorney and I have recommended her to several clients. She, and her staff, are knowledgeable and authentic. She is an excellent resource for her clients and the community.


Ms. Carla Vestal is an individual that I’ve turned to many times regarding immigration. I consider her reliable and honest, passionate, devoted to her community. She seeks change and will be upfront about your mutual endeavor. Having first hearing about her from a mentor, I can say that the praise was well-founded. You will find yourself in good capable hands with Ms. Carla Vestal.


Carla is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about immigration law, which she pairs with hard work and sincere compassion for her clients. She is an invaluable resource for individuals who have any immigration issue.


Carla is awesome! She is a great immigration lawyer, she’s very knowledgeable and is very passionate about her job! She makes you feel like family!! Hands down the best lawyer around!! Very nice, professional and great human being in general! Bonus… she’s also a funny person!


Carla was the best lawyer my husband and I could have asked for! She made the immigration process stress free. We appreciated her quick and thorough responses to any question we had and she was always willing to go above and beyond to make us feel at ease. Carla was incredibly knowledgeable about my husband’s visa and we would not have wanted to go through this process without her!


I just got my green card today. My husband and I are so grateful and happy. We had such a great experience working with Carla. Carla was super nice, responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. She helped calm any concerns we had along the way, answered all of our questions promptly and with right level of details. We would definitely hire her again for any future needs. I highly recommend Vestal Immigration.

C & J

My husband and I first met Ms. Vestal three years ago. We had just gotten married and my husband had a long immigration history that we needed help navigating. It was easy to determine that Ms. Vestal is very knowledgeable. Immigration law is not an easy subject to dissect. Ms. Vestal explained everything with great detail every step of the way. She is very thorough in all her research and it shows. I am so glad we hired Ms. Vestal for the process. I would recommend her to anyone!


My husband and I knew that DACA was not going to be a permanent solution for his status here in the United States. We feared that one day he would have to return to Mexico. He has a job, an education, and a family here. We had been trying to figure out what we were going to do and how to start the citizenship process. Talking to Carla was the best thing we ever did. From the second we sat down at our first appointment; I knew everything was going to be okay. Carla was so understanding and patient with us as we had probably a thousand questions. She listened … and expressed my concerns for our future. Carla knew exactly what to do and explained our options to us in a way that made sense to us. Throughout our entire process, she has always kept us informed, followed up with us, and reassured us that everything was going to be okay. As soon as Carla received updates on our case, so did we. She always stayed on top of the news and was very consistent in making sure that we had everything we needed to support our case. I don’t know what we would have done without Carla and I am really glad that we got her to help us. I believe in Carla, and I believe she is the best immigration attorney around here.


I am absolutely excited about writing this review! Carla Vestal stuck with me for a long time while trying to help me win over an immigration and work authorization case. She was very supportive and understanding of all my late night emails and responded to every single one of them. She made me feel confident about my ability to work and worked very hard to keep me protected. I appreciate her deeply and would recommend [her] to literally anyone who needs a legal expert.


Carla Vestal is a great lawyer who cares about her clients.


Carla goes above and beyond for her clients!  She is compassionate and caring about her clients. I Highly recommend her!!


Attorney Vestal is very dedicated to her work and her clients well being.  She’s very passionate about the law she practices and the outcomes it will provide for people.  I would very highly recommend her as an attorney to someone in need.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Attorney Vestal on various issues. She’s knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about her chosen field. An absolute credit to the legal profession. Would recommend!


Carla Vestal is a brilliant attorney. I would recommend her to anyone. Her superior knowledge and compassion makes her the absolute best.


Carla Vestal is a dedicated and competent attorney. Down to earth personality. I have referred several clients to her.


Thank you very much for your help with the immigration forms. You made it all so much clearer. Look forward to talking to you and Chelsea in the future.


This law firm, and specifically Carla Vestal, are amongst the best you’ll find. I have gone to Ms. Vestal for immigration advice on multiple occasions and she’s always been willing to help and extremely knowledgeable. Would recommend 100%.


Carla is great. Thorough, wise, personal. Highly recommend.


Excellent Experience!

Thom & Sharon

Very friendly and honest about what needs to be done. She put us at ease and we trust her for the process moving ahead.


Excellent services. Definitely, we are very pleased and we recommend her!


Carla was incredibly thorough, well versed in every detail of the law, personal, responsive, listened to all our concerns and gave us a great deal of her time. I highly recommend her.


Carla is very professional, listens well, is extremely knowledgeable. You would not be disappointed with her service, I would highly recommend her to anyone. Always goes above and beyond for her clients.

Ann Rose

Attorney Vestal is very knowledgeable. She is an avid advocate for her clients.