Morganton Immigration Lawyers

Morganton Immigration Lawyers

Morganton Immigration Lawyers

Dealing with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be frustrating because of the agency’s complex and confusing web of rules and policies. This is true even for simple and straightforward cases, which can quickly turn into a more complicated matter than the person going through the process anticipated. However, at Vestal Immigration Law, we are dedicated to assisting businesses and families in Morganton to successfully navigate this complex immigration system.

We handle a variety of immigration cases, ranging from petitions, consular processing, visas, citizenship, and humanitarian relief. We know and understand immigration law, its nuances, and you can count on us to successfully handle your case.

What a Morganton Immigration Lawyer Can Do for You

As noted above, the federal immigration process is complex. Most people who go through this process finds themselves frustrated with obstacles and unnecessary delays. Because of the large number of cases USCIS handles and the backlog of processing created by the Covid-19 pandemic, cases often become “stuck” and may remain pending unnecessarily for years. Although there are limited options to expedite your case once it is designated outside of normal processing times, there are many things that can make that delay even worse which are best to avoid.

Therefore, having an immigration attorney with experience handling your type of immigration case can make a huge difference. Our attorney knows how to have your case filed and how your petition or application should be packaged and presented to make it easier for the immigration examiner to expeditiously approve it.

For example,  it is not uncommon for two petitions containing similar information in terms of eligibility and evidence to have one approved in a few months, while the other one is put in a holding pattern where additional information is sought, commonly referred to as a Request for Evidence. This can take weeks and even months to have it finally approved once the information is sent into USCIS. If the Request for Evidence is not answered sufficiently, or at all, the petition will be denied. 

The difference in the two cases can simply turn out to be how the two cases were presented to the USCIS; in the one that was quickly approved, the experienced immigration lawyer who helped the petitioner or applicant to file their paperwork presented the accurate and correct evidence in a complete package, which the examiner quickly found all the relevant information and approved the petition or application.

In the second case that needed more information, the petitioner or applicant might have unknowingly submitted an incomplete petition/application, or the paperwork submitted had errors or was missing required supporting information. This happens typically in cases where the petitioner or applicant files the paperwork themselves or hired an attorney whose main focus is not on immigration law.

That will not be the case when you have an experienced immigration attorney handle your matter. We know what needs to be done, how it should be done, and when it should be done. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the fast changes that happen in immigration law. 

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