Lincolnton Immigration Attorney

Lincolnton Immigration Attorney

Lincolnton Immigration Attorney

Immigration in the United States is a complex web of laws, federal agencies, ever-changing policies, forms, and other procedures. No matter what your immigration goals might be, you need to follow the proper process without errors to avoid delays and achieve your objective, whether that is a job in the U.S., reuniting with your family members, or naturalization.

If you need assistance with an immigration concern, you want help from a trusted legal professional who handles immigration matters on a regular basis. Contact a Lincolnton immigration lawyer from Vestal Immigration Law right away. We assist with the following immigration cases, among others.

Family-Based Visas and Green Cards

U.S. citizens have the ability to sponsor specific close family members for visas to join them in the United States. This involves petitioning USCIS, obtaining a visa, and then your family member applying for adjustment of status or consular processing for a green card, depending on their situation. Lawful permanent residents might also qualify to sponsor certain family members, though this can be a more challenging – and longer – road. We can also assist fiances or spouses of citizens who wish to live and work in the U.S.

Employment Visas

There are different categories of employment visas available for immigrants, including:

  • Extraordinary ability in a field, executives, or researchers
  • Advanced degrees or exceptional ability in a field
  • Bachelor’s degrees or substantial experience in a field
  • Religious workers and special occupations

If you fall into a category, discuss the process of obtaining a visa with our legal team.

Humanitarian Relief

If you already lived in the U.S. with a spouse who is a citizen and you suffered domestic violence, you can seek to remain in the U.S. under VAWA protection. Finally, crime victims might qualify for a U visa, though there are limited numbers available. We can assess your situation and help you seek the humanitarian assistance you deserve.


When you meet the criteria for U.S. citizenship, you have to follow a certain application process in order for naturalization to be granted. We can help you through every step, including filing your application, preparing for your interview and civics exam, and more. We know there are many benefits to naturalization, and we work to help our clients achieve this important goal.

Seek Help from a Lincolnton Immigration Attorney

When you have an immigration matter, you want legal help that you can trust. At Vestal Immigration Law, we assist with all matters from start to finish, carefully explaining the process to you and your family as we go. Please contact us to learn more about our immigration services in Lincolnton today.

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